I’m WAOMA (reversed acronym for “A Minstrel Of Ancestral Winds”), a Native American Flute player initially based in Martinique (Caribbean).

I play the long-forgotten, invisible and spirited winds of Gaia. On her skin, in her hair, inside her womb. Among mountains, among trees and among caves. Through mindful listening and improvisation, I follow their flow. And from their flow, I echo their tales.

Sometimes, I hit the streets of towns and busk, my flute and altruism as companions. I play among meditation circles, during yoga sessions and for close friends while writing the chapters of my musical journey and brightening up the lives of others.

My music sought to wander and cultivate the garden, soul and heart of the Earth and other fellow human beings. It’s a gift to the world and to you and is hence freely available to listen and download. If you are however keen to support my creative endeavor, you can do so by sharing my creations within your community or by making a donation through this page.

Lastly, you are most welcome to follow my musical adventures on:
Instagram (photos, videos, and behind-the-scene content),
Bandcamp & YouTube (music releases),
– and Telegram (news, events, and new project announcements).

Thank you!