Ten Thousand Nameless Nights

Genre: Native American Flute music
Type: EP (improvisation, free flow, Non-Organic Recording (NOR))
Total Duration: 17:23 min (four tracks)
Format: MP3 (320 kbps)
Release Date & Location: May 2020, Taoyuan (Taiwan)

When each day dies over one’s solitude, the “Ten Thousand Nameless Nights” take their place. They recount the lost dreams that paint the distant worlds. They become the source of all sacred reflections. Those wandering through the eyes of white skies and secluded souls, sharing stories that are usually only known to the stars, and echoing the universal sorrow of the lights. Here’s what they have to say.

Note: As you will probably notice, I use basic audio equipment and don’t aim for perfect recording or mixing quality. I’m a student of the flow, spontaneity and serendipity. My main focus is and always will be to share my music with the world, regardless of technical or unexpected limiting factors.