Types of recording

When it comes to capturing music, I tend to juggle between three different types of recording depending on the situation and my current location:

Organic Recording (OR): recording taking place in natural places (forests, mountains, plains, …). This is where Gaia helps me to narrate the sacredness of its winds. This is where the wilderness always speaks the truth.

Organic Cave Recording (OCR): in essence OR, but taking place in a cave. In this setting, each song is recorded while taking advantage of the natural reverb and energy flowing around, without using any piece of software to replicate this effect later on. My wish is to rely more (if not substantially) on this kind of recording in the future.

A cave often appears as a natural refuge for nature itself and people longing for a meaningful connexion with silence, solitude, and themselves.

Most of the songs that I record in this fashion inside the womb of Mother Earth aim to nourish her and the soul of others. A gift from the winds. A gift from the heart.

Non-Organic Recording (NOR): songs labelled as such have usually been recorded in a room or during specific events (meditation circles, yoga sessions, busking adventures). They still ensure to bring peace and harmony to anyone willing to listen to them.